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Admission requirements

Access to the Master's Degree Course involves two fundamental steps: the preliminary evaluation and the actual enrollment.

Those interested must apply for admission by filling in the form downloadable from the EPOG Plus website ( attaching a detailed Curriculum, the certificate of previous exams, the cover letter, the research proposal for the Master's thesis and any other document that is useful to assess the skills acquired.

Those who intend to enroll must be in possession of a three-year degree or other qualification obtained abroad recognized as suitable according to current regulations, respecting the criteria established in the Teaching Regulations.

They must also have 18 CFU in economics and 6 in statistics.

Since the verification of the requirements can be carried out even before the achievement of the three-year degree, if the candidate does not have these requirements, he/she is invited to include among the free-choice exams of his/her study plan, teachings incardinated in the missing SSDs; if the candidate does not have these requirements, after having obtained the degree, he/she is invited to enroll in single courses to satisfy the admission requirements.

A specially appointed committee examines the existence of the curricular requirements and selects the students admitted to the Personal Preparation Assessment Test (TAPP),  consisting of a 15-minute interview via Skype.

This method is justified by the fact that presumably most of the students who will apply come from non-European countries.

Upon passing the TAPP, applicants will receive the authorization to enroll.

At application stage, students must fill the online form.

  • Bachelor's or equivalent degree (180 ects).
  • Good level of English.
  • Clear motivation for the program.
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