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Thesis and graduation

The fourth semester is dedicated to the writing of the Master’s thesis (16 ECTS), that students have the opportunity to write in a research lab at one of the academic partners or in the framework of an internship at one of the non-academic associate partners or any relevant institution.

The final exam consists of an original written dissertation, with a personal contribution from the candidate, useful for: understanding, deepening or innovating a relevant topic within the chosen discipline; apply and refine methods or carry out empirical checks.

The work takes place under the guidance of a supervisor and a co-supervisor, on topics related to the disciplines studied by the degree.

The student can develop a less academic thesis work on the basis of a possible internship during the fourth and last semester of the course.

In particular, specific agreements have been made for the realization of the degree thesis and possible internship with thirty academic organizations, research and national government agencies and international.

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