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The Master's Degree Course with joint title in Economic Analysis and Policy is part of the Economic Policies for the Global transition + (EPOG +) master's program, developed to train students who have skills to face present and future challenges of economic transition, associated with digitization, climate change and opposing pressures for or against globalization. Its concept is based on the recognition that the design, implementation and evaluation of economic policies for the ongoing transition processes requires highly qualified experts and researchers with knowledge and skills at the forefront of particular fields, combined with a broader understanding of policy interdependencies economic conditions, but also political conditions

The Master's Degree Course in Economic Analysis and Policy pursues the objective of training master's graduates with in-depth knowledge and skills relating to economic policies with particular attention to policies of innovation and development on an international level. Students will be trained with a multidisciplinary perspective that although focused on economic policy is informed by political perspectives e sociological fundamental for the understanding of the complex dynamics of economic transition currently in act.

Students will also have a good knowledge of business strategy aimed at process and product innovation. In particular, they will develop in-depth knowledge on economic transition linked to the processes of digitalization of production and the impact of technological change.

They will be able to carry out both macroeconomic analysis s and research at industrial sector level; they will also have basic skills to develop strategies at firm level.

They will have strong quantitative skills, will be able to organize, manage and analyze large databases, also with the support of advanced statistical-econometric methodologies.

Finally, in addition to a good knowledge of English, required for admission to the Master Degree Course, students will develop o they will deepen their knowledge of Italian and French.

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